Finally a recruiting firm that acknowledges your needs!

At Prestige Recruitment we understand that looking for a new position is a sensitive, sometimes life changing pursuit and it takes discretion, respect and confidence just to get you started. At Prestige Recruitment, you will find that and more, we are here to help and guide you every step of the way.

We take the time to really get to know you and make sure that expectations are clear for everyone.

We invest in our candidates with advice on improving your resume, acing your interview and more. We will coach you through your job search so you always know exactly where you stand.

We believe in sharing information and paying it forward. Transparency and honesty are important principles in our business, which we practice every day.

At Prestige Recruitment, our doors are always open. Whether you have a question about your job search or the industries we specialize in, we want to hear from you. For our team, recruiting is extremely rewarding and if we know our help or advice brought someone closer to reaching the next career level, we feel we’ve done our job well.

Our skilled team has strong relationship skills and will always treat you with the attention you deserve even after you get the job. We continue to be invested in you and what you do.
Prestige Recruitment is a team of skilled professionals with many years of experience in recruitment offering high quality service through a transparent and honest approach.

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What are Prestige
Recruitment’s values?

Our company’s values include respect, transparency, integrity, discretion, long-term performance and satisfaction of the parties involved.

Don’t get bounced around from recruiter to recruiter, never quite clear on who to go to with your questions. Know who you are working with and have confidence your recruiter will take the time to get to know you and the positions and companies you are being introduced to.

What kind of position can Prestige Recruitment help me obtain?

Prestige Recruitment is able to present to you interesting opportunities in high level retail management and positions at all levels in the apparel/fashion industry.

We help you size up the working market and validate the proposed environment according to your personal research criteria.

Why should I send my candidacy to Prestige Recruitment?

1. We take the time to learn your aspirations, the types of tasks you want to perform, your salary expectations and your geographic location preferences. Following this process, we would present positions that are most likely to interest you.

2. We commit ourselves to being straightforward about the positions we have before meeting with you. This is accomplished by pre-screening potential candidates over the phone.

3. Prestige Recruitment highly values our professional reputation to protect the confidentiality of our candidates during their employment research. We do not send your resume to anyone without your authorization.

4. We keep your profile in our database and we contact you when relevant positions come up. This allows you to stay informed on different opportunities without having to be proactive in your employment research.

5. Submitting an application or resume to Prestige Recruitment is 100% free. No amount of money will be deducted from your salary when hired or after. Once you are hired by one of our clients, you become their employee, end of story. You are in no way obligated or indebted to Prestige Recruitment. It’s our pleasure to provide you with our services. 

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